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Neuron ESB 3.5 QFE 31 (KB351-031320151)
Posted by Marty Wasznicky on 13 March 2015 07:46 PM

Neuron ESB 3.5 QFE 31 (KB351-031320151)

Neuron ESB 3.5 QFE 31 resolves issues that were found in Neuron ESB 3.5 since the software was released. Several critical enhancements and fixes were added post Cumulative Update 2 (CU2) for Neuron ESB 3.5 to augment support for running the Neuron ESB Service and Neuron ESB Discovery Service in Microsoft Failover Cluster Server environments as Generic Applications. This update rollup is highly recommended for all Neuron ESB 3.5 customers who are currently or intend to run Neuron ESB in a Microsoft Failover Cluster Server configuration. This QFE (Quick Fix Engineering) can be applied to Neuron ESB Version

Neuron ESB 3.5 QFE 31 can be applied to:

Neuron ESB builds

System Requirements:

Cumulative Update 2 for Neuron ESB 3.5 must be installed prior to applying the patch release of Neuron ESB 3.5 QFE 31:

Fixes Included in QFE 31:

Microsoft Failover Cluster specific fixes

  • Endpoint Health – The ability to stop and restart Topics and Endpoint services did not work if the Neuron ESB runtime was configured as a clustered Generic Application.
  • Endpoint Health – Host Name column did not reflect the Client Access Point name of the resource group (Role) in which the Neuron ESB Service run-time belongs to.
  • Workflow – Workflow Availability Groups did not recognize the Client Access Point name in the machines tab of the Deployment Group and start up as expected.
  • RESTful Operational Services – REST calls to get /neuronesb/api/v1/runtime would return the host name rather than the Client Access Point name.
  • Auditing Reporting – Message History and Failed Message reports would reflect the host name in the Machine column rather than the Client Access Point name.
  • Active Sessions Reporting - The host name would be reflected in the Machine column rather than the Client Access Point name.
  • WS-Discovery – The host name rather than the Client Access Point name would be announced and displayed in the Connect dialogs of the Neuron ESB Explorer and Neuron ESB Test Clients.
  • MSMQ Management – The message count function of the Neuron ESB Explorer’s MSMQ Management screen would always return zero for clustered, remote MSMQ queues.
  • MSMQ Management – Editing and saving messages back to their underlying queue would fail for clustered, remote MSMQ queues.
  • Workflow Tracking - The host name would be reflected in the Machine column rather than the Client Access Point name.
  • WMI EndpointStateChangeEvent – This event was not firing for the Client Access Point name after manually registering the event.
  • Endpoint Health – Rate and Items columns for workflow endpoints may not increment at run-time.
  • Neuron Logging – Microsoft Failover Cluster Server events were being captured in the Availability Group neuron log files
  • Neuron Logging - The host name would be reflected in the log files rather than the Client Access Point name.

Business Processes

FIX – Service Process Step - Calling Service Process step in 3.5 with Restore Headers = true would cause an object reference exception due to the introduction of the new SOAP Header message collection. We thought we had fixed this in CU2, but found another area where this could happen.

FIX – Adapter Endpoint Process Step – Would send out duplicate messages the number of which would coincide with the number of retries associated with the Adapter Policy associated with the selected adapter.

FIX – Custom Process Steps – Would not load at runtime. This was due to a missing Neuron pipeline redirect in the ESBService.exe.config.


FIX – Audit Workflow Activity – If the Action property is set to ‘Failure’ but the Exception property is not set, at runtime this will fail with a System.ObjectDisposedException and CommunicationObjectAbortedException exception. Validation has been added for both design time and runtime.

FIX – Workflow Availability Group Logging – Events were not getting logged to the Neuron ESB Event log, only to the Neuron text logs.

FIX – Transform Workflow - Concurrently executing workflows with Transform activities could cause the workflow to abort.

Neuron ESB Explorer

FIX - Certificate selection dialog – This could throw an unhandled exception when clicking on the list box when no certificates were displayed

FIX - Certificate selection dialog – Under certain resolutions, the Permissions command button would appear misaligned and overlap the list box of certificates.

FIX - Certificate selection dialog – Permissions command button could become enabled if no certificates are in list. This could also throw an unhandled exception if selected.

FIX - Certificate selection dialog – An unhandled exception could be thrown when selecting a non supported find type.

Neuron ESB WS-Discovery

FIX – Discovery could fail with a Null exception object in either the Neuron ESB Explorer’s or Test Client’s Connect form

Topic Transports

FIX – MSMQ Poison Message Handler – Under certain circumstances, this could throw an error message continuously alerting that the service has faulted. This has been corrected.


FIX - FTP Adapter - Implicit SSL throws Required Certificate exception. Also fixed issue where if certificate was selected, user could not unselect it.

FIX -SFTP and FTP Adapters - Adding closing trace file after every send. Only happens when verbose logging is enabled.

Install Instructions:

Manual update:

To manually install this update, do the following:

  • Stop the "Neuron ESB 3.5 Discovery Service" which should also stop the dependent Neuron ESB v3 instance services
  • Make backup copies of the following folders (examples assume that the Neuron ESB instances are installed in the child folder of the main install folder:   
    • - C:\Program Files (x86)\Neudesic\Neuron ESB v3   
    • - C:\Program Files\Neudesic\Neuron ESB v3 (or the location you installed Neuron ESB)   
    • - Each instance folder if not installed in C:\Program Files\Neudesic\Neuron ESB v3
  • Copy files from "QFE31\Discovery" folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Neudesic\Neuron ESB v3
  • For each Neuron ESB Instance being updated that is running x64 version of files, copy files from "QFE31\Instance" folder to instance folder
  • For each Neuron ESB Instance being updated that is running x64 version of files, copy files from "QFE31\Adapters" folder to the Adapters subfolder of the instance folder
  • For each esbhost.exe.config and esbservice.exe.config file do the following:
    • Add the NeuronPipelines element if it does not already exist. This is ONLY necessary if custom process steps are deployed.



    <section name="neuron.pipelines" type="Neuron.Configuration.PipelinesConfigurationSection, Neuron"/>


  <neuron.pipelines configSource="Pipelines\neuronpipelines.config"/>


  • Start the "Neuron ESB 3.5 Discovery Service" and each "Neuron ESB v3 ..." instance service

Download Locations:

NOTE: You must be logged into the Neuron ESB Support Center to view downloadable files.

The Neuron ESB 3.5 QFE 31 patch package can be downloaded directly from the Neuron ESB Support Center's 3.5 download section. Title: Neuron ESB 3.5 QFE 31 - Patch, Filename is Size: approx. 5MB

Alternatively, the Full Neuron ESB 3.5 QFE 31 installation package can be downloaded. This can be found in the Neuron ESB Support Center's 3.5 download section. Title: Neuron ESB 3.5 QFE 31 - Full Install, Filename is: , Size: approx. 175MB

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